Wednesday, December 4, 2013


When I went to take pictures of the kids for this year's Christmas card, I made a HUGE mistake....attempting this feat all by myself! While I know that having Kris with to help makes a huge difference, I underestimated how downright necessary it is.  Mostly because our Norah girl is at a hard-to-photograph stage.  It was virtually impossible to get her in position, run back to get behind the camera, and get her to smile in coordination with everyone else's smiles.   Caleb did such a great job of trying to keep her put, but she wanted nothing to do with his help.  Oh, and my grand idea to use the big candy cane to keep Norah still and distracted from crawling away completely backfired when she began (accidentally, I'd like to assume) whacking Meredith in the head with it (notice Meredith's tears in several photos).

Anyway, here are some of the pictures that did NOT make this year's Christmas Card...enjoy. =)




 And, the one we used...not perfect, but I couldn't possibly love these kids more. 


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