Friday, January 22, 2016

Phone Photo Dump 40

Her fave activity currently is doing jigsaw puzzles...and she's really good!

Because sometimes on cold days, hot chocolate should be part of the lunch menu.

 She still loves to dress up!

 Caleb's completed project...he worked so hard and it turned out great!

 Watching some squirrels play in the front yard...

 Playdate/Moms' Coffee for local Safe Family hosts...I have been SO blessed by the Safe Families community at our new church.

 Helping stuff party favor bags for Shane's birthday party last weekend...

 Braids for her first basketball game...

 Cupcake reward for completing her potty sticker chart!  She's doing GREAT!

 New light....LOVE.

 Sick buddy...

 January Staff Event....soups luncheon...


Day off of school = full cart at the grocery store.  And cake pops for fun....and because Norah finally went #2 in the potty! ;)

Sunday, January 17, 2016


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