Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Concert Week!

 Meredith's 1st Grade Concert..."Nighttime" (hence, the PJs) was so well done. Our music teacher is amazing! 

They sang 5 (or so) songs....I didn't video everything, but I did get a few clips.

"Dancing in the Moonlight"
Most of the songs the kids did were calm "bedtime" lullabyes. But they ended with this fun one. :)

"Llama Llama"

"All Through the Night"
I didn't record the first half of the song, where they sang, but here is the last half with the sign language. So sweet!

Caleb had his 2nd orchestra concert tonight.  Poor kiddo has had some rough allergy issues the last several days...that's why his nose looks like it's bleeding (it actually was). :( 

 Also, on the orchestra note (pun intended), Caleb was so excited today to have received a scholarship to the summer orchestra camp.  He recently wrote a short essay about why he deserved to receive the scholarship and today he was overjoyed to bring home the "acceptance letter" and certificate. :)

These 3rd graders have come a long way since September! 


"Frere Jacques"

"Beethoven's Ninth"

"Shortnin' Blues"

Monday, April 25, 2016


 A local yard.  Absolutely beautiful.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

This Year's Chicks

 While it's still possible that more eggs hatch, I am assuming that this is it for this year. 

Meet our newest feathered friends!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Phone Photo Dump 46

Meredith in the kids' choir (bottom left of screen)..

I forgot my good camera, so I didn't get any great pics. But I've included a video below..Meredith is front and center, the littlest one!

This girl and her shoes.

She played out front, I sat inside the front door because I am a wuss about the cold!

Chipotle snuggles...

I don't like snow in April.

We've been making little changes around the house. I never liked the hardware on our kitchen cabinets, and we finally got new stuff last week.



Game night!

Meredith took this picture.

Little Painter.

 Field Trip.

Spring time is swing time!

 Little Readers.

 We ran into friends at the farm store!

 Checking out the chickens at the farm store.

 I love Meredith's additions to my message.

 Lovin on some chicks.

 "Blackjack" loves to nap on his cute!

 She's so proud that she learned to spin herself!

 Beautiful Bouquets...


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