Saturday, September 30, 2017


 Because of when we moved, the kiddos missed their Spring seasons of everyone has been itching to get back into their team activities.  And they are all FINALLY back at it.  

After years of playing Fall soccer, Caleb decided to trade in his soccer cleats for an extra season of baseball - Fall Ball.  And Meredith and Shane are both playing Fall soccer again.  This is making for some crazy schedules, but it's fun, the kids love it, and we love to watch them play!

Here are some photos from their first games this week.  The night games are killing me in regards to picture taking!  There's no flash photography allowed at the baseball games, and trying to get pictures of Meredith during her night game was tricky because of how fast they were all moving, haha! But check out the sunset in the background of M's game.  Every single night here in Arizona is absolutely beautiful. 

Caleb is on the SF Giants this year.



 Meredith's team is the Purple Dragons.

 And Shane is on the Golden Goalfers. ;)

Pretty view.

Friday, September 29, 2017

1st Quarter Awards

 So proud of these kids!  Caleb and Meredith both got on the Honor Roll for the 1st Quarter (Shane's grades were also Honor-Roll-Worthy but they don't do "Honor Roll" in 1st grade ;) ).  Meredith was also chosen for the Citizenship/Good Character Award for her class and Shane was honored for Perfect Attendance and was chosen as Student of the Month for August.  We had parent-teacher conferences this week, and all of the kids are doing so well all around.  Proud momma here!

Friday, September 15, 2017


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