Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Monday, July 28, 2014

Sugar Grove Corn Boil

Yesterday, we went to the Sugar Grove Corn Boil with friends.  While we didn't actually eat any corn, we did boil a bit as it was quite hot.  Our main reason for going was to see Citizen Way!


As a bonus, the kids each got to pick something fun to do at the carnival.  Geesh, when did carnival rides get so pricey?

Shane picked the train ride (no surprise!)...

 Meredith picked the roller coaster. As you can see, she was a little scared on the first time around, but quickly came to love it.


 Caleb chose the bumper cars, but the poor kid wasn't quite tall enough to reach the pedal (the lap bar prevented him from getting any closer), which was disappointing.

While he was very sad about that, he perked up quickly when we let him play the shoot-down-the-plastic-cups game.

 This little girl just enjoyed being along for the ride.  And eating lemons from the lemonades we got.

Such a great big brother.


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