Saturday, July 5, 2014

4th of July 2014

 Happy Independence Day!

Last year's 4th of July morning festivities turned out to be a lot of fun, so we replicated them for this year.  Looks like this might be our tradition from here on out. 

 We started off the day at a local parade.  Some friends joined us this year, so that was extra fun.

 Norah and Daddy, today and 1 year ago...seriously, I feel sick.  Who took my BABY?!

My fun and sparkly and LOUD firecrackers...

 After the parade, we visited the Fox Valley Trolley Museum for some play, a ride, and of course - ice cream.

 Last year, I snapped this picture of Meredith and it's one of my favorites of her.

I took one of her in the same spot today...she looks so much older. :(

 Our ride...

 This little guy still loves trains.  And I love to see the awe in his eyes as he watches them.

If you look closely, you can see the little "fuzzy" (dandelion seeds, perhaps?) that she caught on her finger.  Daddy told her to blow it off and it then ended up stuck to her face.

Our friends have a great view of our city's fireworks, and they were gracious to invite us over.  The kids had a super fun time running around with friends, and we all enjoyed s'mores and of course the fireworks show.  I was very proud of Meredith who watched the entire thing - for the very first time.  She still covered her ears, but didn't need to bury her head into one of our chests....she was relaxed and actually loved it.  Norah was pretty awestruck herself; she sat with Daddy and kept pointing and saying "waaaaa" (wow?).  And Caleb and Shane sat with another buddy and had fun narrating what the fireworks looked like.

Cool guys.
This was before the fireworks started.  Once they began, Shane had gone to sit with the "big boys", Meredith had perked up and was sitting on my lap, and Norah had also perked up and was sitting with Dad.
I love this one...Caleb,his friend G, and Shane.
Today, we got together with some more friends, and had some more fun...the kids loved exploring.



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