Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Phone Photo Dump 49

Summer "School" is in Session
 Pool is OPEN!

 "I drew me as a bear!!"

 She wanted Anna & Skye in the photo.

 Friends are the best!

 "Wanna see how big I can write my name?"

 It's only a few days in, and we've already consumed lots of ice cream & Popsicles!

 She's got skills.

 Cone and Play at McDs.

 Helping with the new landscaping.

 Working hard on his teacher notes. 

 He sat there all afternoon, watching the guys do out front porch/walk.

 Exciting stuff!

 She's at that in between stage of not needing a daily nap but still needing a daily nap.  So lots of naps happen like this.

 "I am Daddy!"

Memorial Day Parade

Yesterday, we went to our town's Memorial Day Parade and Memorial Service for the first time. It was a beautiful day and a nice event. 

 We started the day off with some coffee and treats from Arcedium.

 We walked along the river (pretty literally) up to North Ave. to find a spot to watch...

 Waiting for it to begin!

 The Memorial Service was wonderful. Very touching and inspiring. I didn't take many pictures, as it just didn't seem appropriate.

 Walking back....love our little town!


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