Saturday, May 28, 2016

Last Days of School

Last days of School for these 3 Big Kids! Next up....4th, 2nd, and Kinder!

Bus Stop Crew

Sadly, our block party ended after about 10 minutes because of the rain. :(
We ended the night by going out for pizza and ice cream, which the kids loved.

 Three kiddos in full-time school next year...hard to believe.  I still think of myself as a mom of a bunch of little know, that mom...the one with the pregnant belly, carrying a toddler while wrangling preschoolers. But in reality, I am no longer that mom.  These babies are not babies anymore. I will admit that I am loving the new stages and phases we are entering. Although on the flip side, these years are going faster than they were when they were littler, and while it sounds cliche, I really feel like if I blink, I miss something. I can barely keep up!  I am so excited to have them all to myself all summer. ;)


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