Thursday, June 22, 2017

Phone Photo Dump 74

My lovely 1st grade girls last week at VBS!

This past weekend, I got to head back home!  It was SO great to see friends.  The main catalyst for my trip was a dear friend's wedding, but I sadly didn't get any pictures from that day. Oops!

Felt so weird that going to O'Hare was for a VISIT, not to go HOME.
Dear dear friends whom I have missed so much!

 And of course, time with my parents!

Bye-Bye Chicago.  So sad to think that I have no idea when I will be back.

I returned to HOT temps.  Lots of swimming and ice cream is in order. 

 This little fishie is loving her new ability to be pretty independent in the water.  Check out the video of her swimming!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Phont Photo Dump 73

Swim time with friends...

 Lemonade Stand!  All the money we raised was given to Feed My Starving Children, which is the ministry our church is supporting via VBS this week.

 Testing out their new sleeping bags.  We are (sorta) ready to take our first family camping trip in a couple weeks!

 My view one evening...

This little one hasn't regularly napped since Spring of '16. But lots of late nights, pool time, and sun have called for a couple of naps a week.



Piggy Puzzle!

 Ready for Summer Spectacular (VBS)!  This is Caleb's first year as a volunteer, and he's been doing GREAT!

A fun find one morning....we found it outside church, and re-hid it outside Target.....shhhhh....;)

Meredith representing 3rd grade during game time at VBS this week...

Friday, June 9, 2017

Phone Photo Dump 72

 Caleb face timing with Ellen.  Love hearing them chat, and we are thankful for technology so they can stay in touch!


 Living the life.  Pringles on the patio while taking a break from the pool...

Movie night with a surprise treat from friends back home....gourmet popcorn!  Thanks Hammonds!!!

 Our HOA supplied free donuts and coffee to help us celebrate National Donut Day last week...yummy!

 Every Wednesday night, our neighborhood hosts a Farmer's Market, which also includes lots of food trucks.  It's a fun event, and we've been stopping by after dinner for shaved ice.

 Arizona skies are gorgeous.  We have yet to have a bad weather day since we have been here.  Even when it's been well over 100 degrees, we have been able to get outside and enjoy!

 Nighttime swim!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Phone Photo Dump 71

"Our" Costco is one of the 2 busiest in AZ.  It's INSANE every time we go.  The Buddy System in the parking lot is a must!
Sillies ready for church!
We've been eating So. Much. Ice Cream.
Puppet Show at the library to kick off the summer reading program (other kiddos in the pic are Shane's buddy from school and his sister)

This past Saturday morning....Caleb cooked eggs for us all, and the other 3 did art on the patio.
 More art later on....

The girlies decorating the fruit pizza on Memorial Day...

"Summer Movies" started this week....the first one was Mr. Popper's Penguins (so funny!)...the girls and I were there too, but here's a pic of hte boys plus a neighbor friend.


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