Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Oak Creek Canyon Day 1

 We survived our very first family camping trip!  

This was before we left...all clean and freshly showered. ;)
And not only did we survive, but we had so much fun and are already looking forward to next time.  I took a LOT of pictures....over 400 in just 2.5 days, so I am going to split our tip into 3 separate blog posts.  I just couldn't hold back from taking so many photographs.  It was absolutely gorgeous up there.

On our way into Sedona, we stopped to take some pictures.  Absolutely amateur photography skills don't do it justice!

Lunch on one of the many big rocks at our campsite...

 Early afternoon views from our campground...

 After settling into camp, we went exploring at West Fork...

Back at the campsite...

 I was pretty proud of myself for managing to cook complete meals at the campsite.  There was a fire ban while we were there (par for the course in AZ), so we used a propane stove to cook meals. I managed to cook salmon, fresh veggies, eggs, bacon, pancakes, and hot dogs. ;)  That may not seem like much to many people, but it was quite an accomplishment for me!

 Because of the fire ban, there wasn't much appeal to staying up once it got dark.  So we all turned in "early" and made the most of our new tents!

Stay Tuned for Day 2!


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