Monday, March 31, 2014

Phone Photo Dump 7

 Some of the latest...

We've done an (indoor, of course) open swim several Sundays over the past weeks...the kids love it.  I have yet to take any pictures in the pool, but here are a few of the kids after swimming, waiting patiently while we get everyone dressed/ready to go...

 And, our cutie-pie with his spikey after-swimming hair.

 Today, Norah brought Meredith's cape & scarf to me to put on her.  Style obviously runs in the family.

 Over the weekend, some friends on our street found a turtle!

 LIFE!!!  GREEN!!!

 Speaking of's one of our chicken eggs on Day 4.  That kidney shaped spot in the midst of the veins is one of our babies!

 Silly girl.


 I was giving the kids "airplane" rides, and decided to try Meredith & Shane at the same time.  So, what you are seeing is the 2 of them on my feet as I lift them into the air while I am laying on my back.  They think it's the best!

 She. Loves. Ketchup.  (Fries optional.)

 Tunnels of fun.

 A little before-school pattern blocks...


 Meredith & her friend walking into ballet...

 Some more dress-up efforts by the baby girl...

 She will only eat the banana if we give it to her with the peel still on. 

Oh, and yes I know that 15 1/2 months old shouldn't still be drinking from a bottle.  But, she only gets a bottle in the morning.   You know, except on some days when desperate times call for desperate measures.   And....sometimes desperate times just call for a bottle.  With warmed milk. 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Up & Down

Norah has finally mastered going UP...

...and DOWN the stairs.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Phone Photo Dump 6

The kids filled up their marble jar, so we celebrated by watching Frozen & eating ice cream!

Norah just loves being outside.  On this particular day, we played in a neighbor's backyard.  Norah got incredibly muddy, and I am pretty sure that those pink pants are stained forever!

 Drinking buddies?

 This is Shane one night, finishing his dinner.  Everyone else had finished and everything had been cleaned up.  This wasn't a "you-sit-there-til-you-finish" parenting moment; he really was just taking his time.

 On "the vehicles" at the mall...

 Big Sissy helping Little Sissy with her shoes while Little Sissy brushes her own hair with a small doll hairbrush.  There's something about this picture that is so sweet to me.  Might be one of my favorites ever.

 She's funny.

 Learning to do the stairs...

 Beater Cleaner...

It's that time again..incubator is warming up!

 Last Friday, Caleb's elementary school had a raffle night fundraiser.  He won the Star Wars basket!  So exciting!

 Caleb isn't too familiar with Star Wars (honestly, neither am I!), but he still thought it was pretty cool to win all of this stuff.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Shane's Soccer Class

 Shane had his last soccer class yesterday.  Parents were invited to come in and to participate.  It was fun to watch Shane show off all the things he learned over the past several weeks.

Coaches giving everyone some initial instructions.
Listening so well!
 Practicing his trap.  NO HANDS! ;)

 Did you know that it was possible to go through almost an entire soccer practice while sucking your thumb?

 Let me tell most certainly is.

 Some drills with Daddy...

Playing goalie.

 They played a kids vs. adults game.  Shane was one of the few kids that scored!  He's actually pretty "take-charge" when it comes to going after the ball, which I didn't expect.

Love this one....he's having so much fun!
Waiting patiently for his award.
High-5 for Coach.
His medal.
 Our little soccer star.


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