Monday, March 31, 2014

Phone Photo Dump 7

 Some of the latest...

We've done an (indoor, of course) open swim several Sundays over the past weeks...the kids love it.  I have yet to take any pictures in the pool, but here are a few of the kids after swimming, waiting patiently while we get everyone dressed/ready to go...

 And, our cutie-pie with his spikey after-swimming hair.

 Today, Norah brought Meredith's cape & scarf to me to put on her.  Style obviously runs in the family.

 Over the weekend, some friends on our street found a turtle!

 LIFE!!!  GREEN!!!

 Speaking of's one of our chicken eggs on Day 4.  That kidney shaped spot in the midst of the veins is one of our babies!

 Silly girl.


 I was giving the kids "airplane" rides, and decided to try Meredith & Shane at the same time.  So, what you are seeing is the 2 of them on my feet as I lift them into the air while I am laying on my back.  They think it's the best!

 She. Loves. Ketchup.  (Fries optional.)

 Tunnels of fun.

 A little before-school pattern blocks...


 Meredith & her friend walking into ballet...

 Some more dress-up efforts by the baby girl...

 She will only eat the banana if we give it to her with the peel still on. 

Oh, and yes I know that 15 1/2 months old shouldn't still be drinking from a bottle.  But, she only gets a bottle in the morning.   You know, except on some days when desperate times call for desperate measures.   And....sometimes desperate times just call for a bottle.  With warmed milk. 


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