Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Phone Photo Dump 79

Yellow Day at preschool....also wearing the new Adidas kicks that Uncle Kyle sent her (they are a bit big, but she loves them and has been wearing them every day!)...

 It was her turn to bring home George from preschool for the night...

Kiddos are pretty independent with their daily jobs, which is so nice!

 Meredith exclaimed, "it looks to pretty to eat!"...

 What Shane wants to be when he grows up...

 Caleb has been studying the moon phases in Science, and for some extra fun one weekend, we used Oreos to represent the phases of the moon for the month of August here in Phoenix!

 She loves using the hair dryer after swim class!

 Crazy sock day st school!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Double Digits

 This guy is TEN!

 To celebrate this extra special birthday, he and Daddy headed north to camp at the Grand Canyon! 

 Needless to say, they both had an amazing weekend.  In addition to seeing the Grandest of All Canyons, they saw lots of elk, ate big breakfasts at Cracker Barrel (a family fave) twice, and saw shooting stars, The Milky Way and some space satellites (I am glad Kris thought to walk to the canyon after dark!).  I am also glad he remembered to snap some pics on his phone! ;)

Happy Birthday to this amazing boy.  I am so glad he's ours!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Phone Photo Dump 78

 School fundraiser at Peter Piper's Pizza....

 ...where Norah discovered the joy of arcade games! ;)


 New bike!



Only a 30 minute drive!

 She's a sea lion!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

#8isgreat Part 2

We had a birthday party for Meredith today.  Lots of her new friends, as well as her cousins, came for a fun afternoon of swimming, painting, eating, slime-making and playing.  I'm so grateful for all of the friendships we have made, and are continuing to make here!

This year's party theme was "random", haha!  I basically just let Meredith pick out what she wanted to eat and do and went with it.  No color theme, no activities theme, just whatever! Nothing Pinterest-worthy to see here. It was great. ;)

Kris was an excellent Lifeguard!

Making Slime!

 Some extra
fun with cousins after everyone else left....


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