Tuesday, February 9, 2016

I Can't Even Imagine...

...my life without this one.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Phone Photo Dump 42

 Such a big girl!  On the left, with her backpack after Tuesday morning class at church. On the right, at Target with her reward from Grandma for being potty-trained!

Our big baby girl taking care of sweet little P.

 Norah and Shane with a friend....

 These 2 LOVE pattern blocks!

 The bunny right outside the library is always a must-see. :)

 Shane's groundhog (foot print) at preschool...

 Some more reading practice (a video too)!

 With our little addition, everyone's sleeping arrangements keep changing.   Sometimes I think we are CRAZY for hosting other children when our not-so-huge house already seems bursting at the seams.  And I am sure others might think we are crazy, too. ;)  But then I remember that how much space we have (or don't have) is NOT the point.  I'm learning more and more about Biblical hospitality....and how it has very little to do with how big and fancy things are, but how welcoming and humble we are.  I hope and pray that every person that comes into our house (big or small) feels welcome and safe.

One night, Meredith and Caleb were dying to have a sleepover in Caleb's room, so we let them!  I loved hearing all the giggles. 

 Working on our Valentines!

 Our tiny baller (#14)...

Monday, February 1, 2016

Phone Photo Dump 41

Sweet 2 month old baby P....our latest addition.

 He requires lots of this....:)

 The kids love him.  Here, Caleb is snuggling him and Shane is showing him his class "pet"...don't mind the pink blankie...I've since purchased some not-so-girly ones! :)


 Such big helpers!


Daddy working late + free kids meals at Colonial = dinner OUT!


 Poor Norah girl had a really bad case of Hand/Foot/Mouth last week, with rashy bumps all over her face, legs, and arms....


Finally, after about 8 days, her rash is finally almost gone and we've re-entered society.

The Bug.

 Reading books about Racoons with Ricky the Racoon, Shane's class "pet"...

Sleepy sister.  Saturday was a busy one - Judson alumni game for me and then games for Caleb and Meredith later on...this sweet one was wiped.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Phone Photo Dump 40

Her fave activity currently is doing jigsaw puzzles...and she's really good!

Because sometimes on cold days, hot chocolate should be part of the lunch menu.

 She still loves to dress up!

 Caleb's completed project...he worked so hard and it turned out great!

 Watching some squirrels play in the front yard...

 Playdate/Moms' Coffee for local Safe Family hosts...I have been SO blessed by the Safe Families community at our new church.

 Helping stuff party favor bags for Shane's birthday party last weekend...

 Braids for her first basketball game...

 Cupcake reward for completing her potty sticker chart!  She's doing GREAT!

 New light....LOVE.

 Sick buddy...

 January Staff Event....soups luncheon...


Day off of school = full cart at the grocery store.  And cake pops for fun....and because Norah finally went #2 in the potty! ;)

Sunday, January 17, 2016


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