Saturday, October 18, 2014

Same Spot, Same Weekend.

 On this weekend last year, we took the kids to a local park/forest preserve to get some updated pictures.  I decided to take them to the same spot this year to get some new ones.  We had a lot of fun today, hiking and exploring in between the camera stuff.  The kids found some paths through the woods that we hadn't trekked before, so that made our time there extra fun.


Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fall Weekend

 Yesterday, we went with some friends to a local festival, the Scarecrow Fest.  The weather was amazing, and the kids loved playing on the park, seeing all the scarecrow displays and getting their faces painted.

Best I could get!  Nobody's in the mood to pose these days, and to be honest, I was feeling a bit convicted about how much "posing" I am always asking them to do.  I've tried to do less picture taking lately, and more just enjoying-the-moments with my kids, and not just through the camera lens.

his scary face
Meredith and her BFF

This morning, after early soccer games, we went to a local farm to play and get pumpkins...again, the weather was amazing!

A tad bright!

Norah was a bit terrified being up on the haystack.

Don't mind the crazy hair...early soccer game, remember?

Oh Shane.


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