Saturday, March 17, 2018

Spring Break in Show Low

We spent the last several days up at the cabin in Show Low.

We are so incredibly grateful to have this place for our family to escape to! 

My parents have been so generous in reminding us that it's a "family cabin", and is for all of our use.   I can't wait to make more and more memories here.

This week, it was my goal to do a whole lot of "nothing"! It has been such a busy season for all of us, and to say we needed a break was an understatement.  I think we accomplished this goal, as we spent a LOT of the time staying close to home, wearing PJs, playing games, and watching movies.  We did manage to get in a couple of hikes as well!

One of MANY games of Phase 10...

Grandma and Grandpa (and Cubby of course!) joined us on the last night we were there.


Playing catch in the backyard...

More games!

The littlest love, outside and in!

One afternoon, we hiked the Show Low Bluff Trail.  This adventure was cut short, after a branch in the tree Caleb was climbing broke under his weight, and he fell right into a Prickly Pear Cactus.  OUCH!  Thankfully, he is okay now, but it was quite an ordeal...I would estimate that we had to pick around 100 (Caleb says close to 200!) needles out of his skin.  And although his skin broke out into a bumpy rash in the areas affected, it recovered well after washing and some antibacterial cream.

Other than that, it was a fun place to explore. :)

This is the tree he fell from.  We have since reminded the kids (and ourselves) not to climb dead trees!

After a friend recommended Darbi's cafĂ© to us, we knew we had to make time to have a meal there.  And it was fantastic and fun!

Another day, we hiked the Mogollon Rim Trail!

This is the original road used by early travelers, before 260 was built.

I loved seeing (and smelling) all the fresh juniper!


Even the AZ pinecones "bite" (see the sharp thorns?)!!
 At the end of the trail, the kids discovered some Mesa Gilbert Kindness Rocks!  Fun to discover them so far from home. ;)

Today, before heading back to the Valley, the kids played at the neighborhood park for a bit...

On the way home, I made Kris stop in a few spots so I could take some pics.

These first few are looking east...

These next ones are of the Salt River Canyon.  If you look closely, you can see the Salt River at the bottom...

It was a fun and restful few days.  I am grateful for another week off of school for some more fun with friends and family!


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