Saturday, January 13, 2018

"Winter" Sports

What a crazy (but fun) day!  The kids' had their first games of the new season today.  Kris is in Chicago, and of course the games all overlapped to an extent.  Thankfully, we have met some great friends here who the kids are playing sports with, and they were so gracious to help me out!  

All 3 kiddos did great.  They tried their best, played hard, and were good teammates.  And can we just talk about how much we love that playing outdoor sports in the winter here is an option?  It was a lovely day (albeit a little toasty in the sun)!

He played D the first half and got lots of flags!

This one went in...she scored 6 points total and had a gazillion steals!

They probably should have called a foul here, but I love this picture because it shows how determined Meredith is to get the ball!  She is so scrappy, and it's so fun to watch her play!

Taking direction from Coach.  I am very proud of this guy.  He had not played football (organized) before, and I know he was a little bit nervous.  But he did great, and despite a loss (and tears because of that loss), he is excited for next time!

Can't forget the #1 Fan!

Friday, January 12, 2018

Phone Photo Dump 91


Game Night!

Washing the van.  In January!

At a friend's birthday party...


Trying something new...

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Phone Photo Dump 90

From back before Christmas...small group Christmas party!

Washing "Blankie" is always quite a production. ;)

Ice Cream!

Big Girl.  Computer time and 5-year well visit!

The girls (+ Mer's friend) making cookies!

Shane and his buddy.  They were so cute, trying to decide whether to get cubed or crushed ice. ;)


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