Sunday, March 23, 2014

Shane's Soccer Class

 Shane had his last soccer class yesterday.  Parents were invited to come in and to participate.  It was fun to watch Shane show off all the things he learned over the past several weeks.

Coaches giving everyone some initial instructions.
Listening so well!
 Practicing his trap.  NO HANDS! ;)

 Did you know that it was possible to go through almost an entire soccer practice while sucking your thumb?

 Let me tell most certainly is.

 Some drills with Daddy...

Playing goalie.

 They played a kids vs. adults game.  Shane was one of the few kids that scored!  He's actually pretty "take-charge" when it comes to going after the ball, which I didn't expect.

Love this one....he's having so much fun!
Waiting patiently for his award.
High-5 for Coach.
His medal.
 Our little soccer star.


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