Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Phone Photo Dump 4

 Again (in no particular order) some snapshots of our past several days, courtesy of my handy-dandy phone camera...

 Shane completed his uppercase letter projects!

  Now that he has his uppercase letters down, we are moving onto lowercase.  He has a lot of them down, but there's still some he is working on.  This spoon activity is fun, and a good way to match the lowercase letters with their uppercase partners.

 Stuffing pom-pins into holes in the Tupperware lid.  Good times.

 Folding her hands during prayer.

 Just hangin' out, lookin' like a big girl.

 In the 4D movie at Legoland.


 More letter practice.  Love technology.

 Norah loves to go into our living/dining room and shut the doors.  Stinker.

 She refuses potatoes when we try to feed her.  She eats them when she is allowed to feed herself.  Stubborn.

 This boy is loving to read.  It was time for bed, and he didn't want to put the book down while he walked upstairs.  Love it.

 Nap time with our sweet niece, Charlotte.

 One of her fave toys.

 Every day Meredith claims she is not tired and doesn't need a nap.  Almost every day, I find her sound asleep like this not long after her protests finally die out.

Crazy Hair Day at preschool.

  Quiet and sunny afternoon in our front room doing my Gideon study. 


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