Thursday, June 22, 2017

Phone Photo Dump 74

My lovely 1st grade girls last week at VBS!

This past weekend, I got to head back home!  It was SO great to see friends.  The main catalyst for my trip was a dear friend's wedding, but I sadly didn't get any pictures from that day. Oops!

Felt so weird that going to O'Hare was for a VISIT, not to go HOME.
Dear dear friends whom I have missed so much!

 And of course, time with my parents!

Bye-Bye Chicago.  So sad to think that I have no idea when I will be back.

I returned to HOT temps.  Lots of swimming and ice cream is in order. 

 This little fishie is loving her new ability to be pretty independent in the water.  Check out the video of her swimming!


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