Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Phont Photo Dump 73

Swim time with friends...

 Lemonade Stand!  All the money we raised was given to Feed My Starving Children, which is the ministry our church is supporting via VBS this week.

 Testing out their new sleeping bags.  We are (sorta) ready to take our first family camping trip in a couple weeks!

 My view one evening...

This little one hasn't regularly napped since Spring of '16. But lots of late nights, pool time, and sun have called for a couple of naps a week.



Piggy Puzzle!

 Ready for Summer Spectacular (VBS)!  This is Caleb's first year as a volunteer, and he's been doing GREAT!

A fun find one morning....we found it outside church, and re-hid it outside Target.....shhhhh....;)

Meredith representing 3rd grade during game time at VBS this week...


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