Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Phone Photo Dump 49

Summer "School" is in Session
 Pool is OPEN!

 "I drew me as a bear!!"

 She wanted Anna & Skye in the photo.

 Friends are the best!

 "Wanna see how big I can write my name?"

 It's only a few days in, and we've already consumed lots of ice cream & Popsicles!

 She's got skills.

 Cone and Play at McDs.

 Helping with the new landscaping.

 Working hard on his teacher notes. 

 He sat there all afternoon, watching the guys do out front porch/walk.

 Exciting stuff!

 She's at that in between stage of not needing a daily nap but still needing a daily nap.  So lots of naps happen like this.

 "I am Daddy!"


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