Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mothers' Day

Today was pretty perfect. Beautiful weather, time as a family, and only minimal whining. ;)  

After getting ready for church this morning, I came downstairs to Kris making homemade scones. Kris does a LOT for our family...he works hard all day to provide financially, and doesn't miss a beat with the kids or things around the house when he is at home. But we are both pretty sure that this morning marked the VERY first time he's ever actually cooked/baked anything for us (other than the occasional nuggets in the oven or bread in the toaster!) in our 10 years of marriage.  Seriously!  I don't mind this arrangement at all, as I enjoy being on food/kitchen duty, but it was a fun surprise!

 He was so proud. :)

 Gifts and!

I had Kris snap a few pictures of us before church (yes the girls and I are wearing matching dresses).

  This one is my favorite.  I'm trying very hard to not be so self-conscious about how I look in pictures, and just see the photographs as evidence of so much more than that....smiles and snuggles and an intense connection I have with these babies, and that they have with each other.

After church and lunch, we went to Mt. St. Mary's Park ("The Art Park") in downtown STC.  Kris played with the kids while I sat on a bench and drank coffee, and then we walked the loop. We had a great time checking out the sculptures and exploring.  I loved just watching the kids' personalities come out in their play today.  I really have been blessed with amazing children, and I am so grateful.

 Always a little bit theatrical, this one is...

 Big tree!

 Little girl!

 Big tree? Little girl? No problem! Love her determination (despite the dress and church shoes)....she said "Mom! I'm almost there!"


We spent the rest of the day at home, just hanging out.  Not too many pics of that!

My parents came over for dinner and time just slipped away...lots of playing and talking and some dance parties. I looked at the clock at 8:00 and realized that since the kids have school tomorrow, they should probably get to bed!  Full heart.

Can't forget a picture of my Mom! The dedication she has always had to being a mom is absolutely a huge factor in my strong belief that motherhood isn't just something to's a calling, and no small one at that.

And finally, some favorite words of mine!  Happy Mother's Day!


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