Friday, July 5, 2013

The 4th 2013

 We had such a fun 4th!  We started the morning at a local parade, and then went to the Fox River Trolley Museum for a trolley ride.  We ended the day with fireworks with friends.  Believe it or not, this was actually the first time we have taken the kids to a parade, and the first time we have gone to see fireworks as a family.  They loved it all, and it ended up being a really great day together.


M's hair for the day

Before the parade started, there was an opportunity for some dancin'.  Meredith & Shane went out there and showed off their sweet moves.  They were a bit hesitant at first, but after a handful of moments, they let loose.  Meredith tried very hard to follow the steps to the song (by watching the bigger kids), and Shane was happy just doing his own thing.



 At one point, this other little boy started knocking down the cones, and Shane followed him around to set them back up again.

 The kids were very patient as we waited for the parade to begin.  We were toward the end of the parade route, so it was a little while before it made it to us, but the kids did great waiting.

Snacks always help the minutes pass by... do props.
 Here it comes!

The kids of course loved collecting all the candy that was thrown (even though most of it they won't get to eat...jawbreakers, gum, etc.).  No matter, they had a blast filling up their bags and they came home with plenty of candy that they can eat (Tootsie Rolls, suckers, etc.) to potentially tide them over until Halloween.

 One group even had ice-pops to pass out - awesome!

 And of course they loved seeing all the trucks and bands and dancers and martial arts guys, etc. that cam by.  They waved and smiled and laughed and clapped.  And Caleb was a master at coercing people into throwing candy to them.


Baby girl was so tired, but she was perfectly content to snuggle with Daddy.


At one point, about halfway through, Shane gave up on collecting more and just plopped down to partake.
Seeing Shane just sitting there not adding to his loot, wonderful Big Sissy shared some of hers.

Checking out the caboose while waiting for our ride.

 All Aboard!

 Sleepy girl...

 ...finally fell asleep.


Before the fireworks began, 4 skydivers made a grand entrance into the fields around us.  It was so cool to see!  They zoomed in and I for sure thought they were going to land right on top of us, but they managed to land perfectly as planned.  I wish I would have taken better pictures, but I was too entranced with what they were doing, and I didn't want to view it through a lens!

They started off as tiny spots in the sky.

Since this was the kids' first really-up-close fireworks experience, I wasn't sure what they would think.  Meredith spent the entire time snuggled against me with her ears covered (she doesn't like loud noises), but the other kids (including Norah) really liked them.

Hope you enjoyed your 4th as well.


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