Sunday, July 21, 2013

Weekend Project

The kids have been anxiously awaiting this fun new addition to our backyard...and Daddy & Grandpa worked very hard yesterday to put it together.

While they worked, Grandma and I supplied food & water and entertained the kids.  And on a few occasions, the guys requested help from our huge muscles.  But mostly we just sat around. =) Though the kids were eager for it just to be finished and able to be played on, they did a good job being patient.  They "helped" with the assembly at times, played with the boxes that everything came in (big hit), played on Grandma's ipad, and played with neighbor friends.

VBS this past week had a "kingdom" theme....Caleb's new thing is dressing as a knight...

I love these next 2 pictures...they look like they are doing Yoga, or aerobics or something....

...or maybe "the Robot"?




Finished product!  We still need to turn the bottom area into a sandbox, but other than that, it's finished and sturdy and able to be played on.  Come on over and play!

 Thanks, Daddy & Grandpa & Grandma for all your help!


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