Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Meredith's Turn!

Since Caleb learned to ride without training wheels recently, Meredith wanted to learn as well.  She has been asking pretty much every day if she can practice.  Because my foot is still healing, and I can't really run or even walk briskly, she had to patiently wait until evening times so that Daddy could help her.  He has been happily working with her, and Meredith's attitude throughout the process has been amazing.  It's a bit of an understatement to say that she's been determined!  It reminds me of when she learned to pedal her little tricycle last Spring.....she would go up and down our driveway at the old house practicing those pedals.  Our driveway had a slope, and the decline helped her get momentum.  She would pedal down the driveway with gravity helping her go and then walk her tricycle back up the driveway, ride back down and then walk it back up...she did that over and over and over and over again until she got it.  

Anyway, tonight, she got it again!  She still needs some help getting started, but she can successfully ride without her training wheels.  She's great at balancing, correcting herself when she goes off the sidewalk a little, and has mastered the art of stopping (& falling).  So fun!

I love that at the end of this first video clip, you can hear Caleb yell "you're doing it, Meredith!"  Later on in the evening, Meredith told Caleb that she was so proud of him for helping her to learn by him learning first.  Both of them have been so encouraging to one another during their efforts in this process.  It's remembering those moments that helps me get through the moments where they are driving each other (and consequently, me) crazy! ;)


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