Sunday, July 28, 2013

Beach Day

Today, we met up with the uncles & aunt in the city for a fun afternoon/evening at the beach.  It was a little chilly, but that certainly didn't stop the kiddos from having a great time.  They loved running and playing in the sand.  The water was quite cold, and it was an un-July-like chilly day, so swimming was not too appealing.  Caleb was the most bold in the water, despite the temps...he eventually got comfortable sitting at the shoreline, and literally shrieked with joy when the waves would come in and engulf must of his torso.  Meredith was a bit more hesitant, although she did like to stand and let the tide splash her legs.  Shane wanted nothing to do with the water, despite our efforts to coax him to even just get his toes wet.  It was a fun afternoon, and special to spend time with family!





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