Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Phone Photo Dump 38

 Coloring in our "fancy" coloring books...

One day over Christmas break, we went to Panera for breakfast.  The manager was so kind....after complimenting the kids on their behavior, and encouraging me in immeasurable ways, she gave the kids free cookies!  Gigantic cinnamon rolls and frosted sugar cookies - the breakfast of champions!

Yummy latte with a generous amount of whipped cream in a REAL mug.  Bliss.
 5-year and 3-year well visits for these two December babies!

 Breakfast for dinner on paper plates.  This is the life people...

 She was calling this headband her "spy glass"....

Best babysitter ever...she brought the kids gifts!

 Our latest #5...sweet little 18 month old A.

 Christmas break was a bit rough for this one....lots of activity meant not a lot of naps.  One day she just took matters into her own hands and fell asleep in the living room.

Daddy putting together HIS Lego set!

 Seriously, is there anything cuter than a little one all bundled up like this?

 Lazy Saturday playing some Mario Kart in our PJs...

 Trying on new basketball shoes!

 Meredith (who prefers that we call her "Merry", spelled just like that thankyouverymuch) and her BFF.  These girls LOVE each other.  They are in the same class at school, same class at church, same group at AWANA and her mom and I are friends....doesn't get much better.

These two had their first basketball practices last night with Upward Sports.  We have heard really great things about this program, and I am so thankful to have found a league that has no games on Sundays and no practices on Wednesdays (AWANA nights).  They both did great last night at practice, despite never having any real basketball "training" and I am so excited for games to start (1st game is 1/16 and you know I'll post pictures)!  Selfishly, I'd LOVE for one (or all) of my kids to love playing basketball as much as I do.


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