Thursday, December 26, 2013


As always, Christmas this year came and went so quickly.  We enjoyed spending time with family and having Daddy home after a very time-intensive season at work.  Unfortunately, the stomach bug (or something) visited our house recently, and several of us have had bouts of tummy issues this week.  Caleb was hit the worst, and spent most of the day on Christmas in the basement watching movies/sleeping.  Poor buddy.   We are all exhausted for many reasons, and I am looking forward to the next few days to relax, catch up on sleep, play with lots of new toys & games, and to get healthy.

 CHRISTMAS EVE:  We were so happy to have Mom/Dad Johnson (Nana/Papa) as well as Kyle in town.  And of course Heidi & Kimball also joined us, despite Heidi being very overdue with her 1st baby!

 The Johnson men & the littlest family member...although, she won't be the littlest one for long, as Auntie Heidi is in the hospital RIGHT NOW getting ready to have their little girl!

Beautiful ladies!

Our in-house garbage man cleaning up after presents.

 Christmas Eve service at church...


 ...poor Meredith was not feeling well.  The tummy stuff started to hit her that night.


 Christmas Day:


 Unfortunately, nobody really felt up to eating much.  Daddy ate most of the monkey bread all by himself.

 Attempts at some cute Christmas-morning-photos.

 Daddy reading the Christmas story before presents...

Scooters were high on their favorite-gifts lists!

This is pretty much the face Norah made anytime we gave her a present to open.

After Christmas morning presents, Caleb got comfy on the couch in the basement, where he would spend most of the rest of the day.  Meredith joined him for a movie at one point, as she also was not feeling great.

Cute outfit from Nana & Papa!

 Later on in the day, we had more parents & brother, aunts and uncle.  I always enjoy hosting, but the size of our old house made it difficult.  I'm so thankful for a decent-sized dining room in which guests can eat!

 I always mean to take more pictures of all the yummy food, but these are the only ones I got...

Very delicious cheesecakes, made by my Aunt Nancy!

Giant Panda!  GREAT gift, Uncle Warren!
 Norah doesn't love her pink pony (yet).  Thankfully, her big sissy does and doesn't exceed the weight limit (depsite her being almost 4 1/2 years old).

 Today, we are spending time in our PJs, playing with new toys.  Caleb is feeling better, and although Meredith started out the morning not feeling great, she seems better as well.  Everyone slept in this morning, with the winner of that contest being Norah who slept until 9:00 am. 

Lots of train stuff for Shane this year!
This kid is a Lego master.  He put together 2 not-small Lego sets all by himself this morning in not very much time.
Resting with her Panda from Uncle War.  She loves this thing.


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