Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas at Preschool

 Meredith had her Christmas party at preschool yesterday.  Parents were invited to come and watch the sweet kiddos sing a few songs, then we had some snacks and did a craft with them.  I just absolutely cherish the times I am able to spend with just one kid at a time, and was very thankful that we have met a sweet girl in her 20s who is currently in between jobs and therefore available for babysitting during the days.  She stayed with the littlest 2 while I spent part of the morning at Bethlehem with my precious girl.

When we walked into the classroom, it was so cute to see all the kids get excited and start waving to their parents.

After their little performance, we decorated this tree together...

 ...and had snacks!  One of the treats was banana bread that the preschoolers had helped to bake.  Extra special.  Silly girl was bring a ham as I snapped pictures during snack time...

 Meredith and her favorite friend.

 And, one of the songs they did...


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