Saturday, December 21, 2013

Birthday Celebrations

Yesterday was Shane's 3rd birthday!

We celebrated him throughout the day, and last night we had a shared celebration for his and Norah's birthdays.  

I am normally a throw-a-big-birthday-party kind of mom.  Not because I think that every kid NEEDS a big party every year, but because I enjoy planning parties and I enjoy celebrating my kids in fun and creative ways.  I admittedly feel a smidge guilty that my main responsibility on Shane's 3rd birthday was his big brother's classroom party. 

I also feel some guilt over the fact that my 4th-born sweetie did not get a BIG bash this year, since 1st birthday parties in our family have always been a pretty significant deal.  But I just couldn't manage it this year with everything else going on (I know...excuses, excuses).  Everyone keeps telling me that "she won't remember it anyway", that 1st birthday parties are "for the parents anyway", but part of me still fears she will look back at her (lack of) 1st-birthday photographs and need therapy.  No theme, no handmade invitations, no games/crafts to speak of.  I know, I know, I am being a bit VERY dramatic.  But it's my blog and I'll cry if I want to.

Anyway, now that that's off my chest...on to a few pictures of what we DID manage to accomplish.

After we dropped Meredith off at preschool, Shane and Norah and I went to DD for a treat.  Shane enjoyed the donut I bought him as well as the "bonus" donut that a worker brought to him after he heard it was his birthday.  He was so excited it was his birthday, and told everyone everywhere we went.  When asked how old he was, he would reply "December 20." I think we've finally got it through to him that December 20 is his birthday, but he is THREE years old!   He chose Panera for lunch, but I didn't get any pictures there.

Both sets of grandparents came over, along with one of our favorite families, and we celebrated with pizza, cake, and some gifts.

He was so excited about his chocolate construction cake!

Norah was very unsure about the candle thing.  In fact, as the candle was blown out, she started crying...

...however, after we calmed her down, and gave her the cupcake, she got right down to business.  She didn't actually get to messy, but it's fair to say that she enjoyed her treat!

 While our celebrations today were scaled back from what is typical for us, we were blessed to have people who love our kids celebrate with us.  And I'm confident that Shane and Norah know that they are loved and celebrated, not just today but every day.  And that's obviously a lot more important than coordinating plates and crafts, right? ;)


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