Sunday, December 8, 2013

I-Spy Ornaments

 We hosted a Christmas party tonight for some friends.  I put together this "ornament bar" for the kiddos....I'd been wanting to make some with my own kids, and figured this was the perfect time to do it, since we had several little ones coming over.


 1.  Select an ornament (I had already given each ornament a ribbon loop for hanging.)


 2.  Fill it with objects.  You can use anything!  We used paper clips, snow flake embellishments, red beads, jingle bells, pompoms, red stocking embellishments, and googly eyes!

3.  Fill it halfway (or so) with snow!  If you put too much in, you won't be able to shake the ornament to get the objects to move around much. Fill it just enough to cover the items.

4.  Enjoy finding the objects!  A fun, interactive Christmas tree decoration.


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