Thursday, December 20, 2012

Shane is 2!!

Our Shaner-Bug is TWO today!


He started off the morning by opening some presents...

...but quickly asked to go see Baby Sister.  He seriously loves Norah.

 We went to 2Toots for lunch today to celebrate, and it turned out to be the perfect place to go for his birthday.

He loved watching the trains go around and around the restaurant...

 ...he kept turning around in his seat to watch and follow the trains.


What's better than having a train deliver your food?


And, while his expression here doesn't show it, he was very happy to have his birthday cupcake...complete with candle and a train whistle on top!  When they brought him the cupcake, a really cool Happy Birthday song was playing over the restaurant fun!

And, this was on Tuesday....we hosted playgroup, and all of our playgroup friends sang to him.

Shane is such a blessing to our family.  He is extremely silly, and sometimes a bit mischievous.  He is very loving, and always good for some snuggles.  He still affectionately calls Caleb & Meredith "brubru" (brother) and "sissy", even though he can say their names and he calls Norah "baby sister", though he knows her name is Norah Jane.  He loves his blankie, and drags it around with him, Linus-style.  He loves berries, but getting him to eat vegetables is difficult.  He has the biggest sweet-tooth of any of our kids (gets that from me!).  He loves to copy his older brother and sister, and loves to make us all laugh.  He loves garbage trucks and trains.  He talks in long, complete sentences.  He loves to vacuum and "cook" in the kids' pretend kitchen.  He also likes to play catch, preferably with Daddy.  He loves to be tickled and loves to play "tackle". 

I could go on and on about our sweet Shane.  He is a joy and a blessing to us, and we are all thankful for the 2 years (so far!) that we have had with him.  Happy 2nd Birthday, "Baby" Shane!


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