Thursday, December 13, 2012

Norah Jane

Our sweet girl has arrived!  Norah Jane Johnson was born on December, 12, 2012 at 2:14 pm.  Yes, that is 12/12/12 at 14:14.  Best of all, it was her Daddy's birthday!

Norah is from the Greek name Eleanora, meaning light.  Jane is a feminine version of the name John, which means God is gracious.

Just Born!

 Official weight: 9 lbs, 14.5 ounces.  They just rounded up to 15 ounces.  And, she was 23 inches long.  Ummmm...wasn't expecting these numbers!

Best. Doctor. Ever.

First Bath (given by the nurse)...

She wasn't a huge fan of the bathing process.

Chubby thighs!

This is the first time I actually saw her open her eyes.  She kept them closed for quite a while after birth.
Some of our family got to come meet Norah (I forgot to take a picture of Grandpa!)...and many more will get to meet her in a couple of weeks, on Christmas and the days surrounding it.

Auntie Heidi and Kimball both had the day off, and came to visit today.
 Grandma brought Caleb, Meredith and Shane to meet their new baby sister.  They have been so excited to meet her!

Immediately after meeting Norah, Caleb asked to hold her.  Meredith and Shane quickly followed his lead and also wanted their own turn to hold her.  Shane rarely took his eyes off of her.

Proud Grandma!
Shane & Meredith checking her out...Shane kept pointing out her eyes, nose, ears, etc.  And he was intrigued with the pacifier.  Meredith wanted to look for her toes, and did a perfect job of covering her up with the pink blankie.

 Getting ready to go home...

She wasn't too happy with the whole changing-her-clothes thing!
That's better.
Ready to go!  Those cheeks, seriously.
God was so faithful to us throughout my pregnancy.  And, he continued to show favor on us during labor and delivery.  I had some fears going into this process, and He was more than gracious.   

Best of all, the ultrasound that was done on Norah last night showed perfectly functioning kidneys.  Thank you for praying.  And, glory goes to the LORD for healing her.  We feel so incredibly blessed.

 We were allowed to go home this afternoon, after about 24 hours.  Thank you to Grandma (and Grandpa!) for caring for the bigger kids for the next two nights, so that we can spend some quiet time at home with just our newest little peanut (can you call an almost-10 pound baby a peanut?!).

Norah is currently sleeping peacefully in daddy's lap, and will likely be ready to eat again soon.  She is just precious and we can't wait for you to meet her.


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