Monday, December 17, 2012

Easy Christmasy Fun

The kiddos did a very simple and quick Christmas tree craft this morning...basically, they just glued strips of paper in descending order, largest to smallest, to make a Christmas tree.

And, I totally forgot that I had changed out the rice & beans bin (2 weeks ago!) for Christmas.  So, we got that out today as well...the kids, as always, had a great time playing with this.  I took out all of our Fall-related items, and added an assortment of Christmasy things: candy canes (fake, of course), ornaments, little decorative presents, jingle bells, thick snowflake straws, artificial poinsettas, and erasers in various Christmas-related designs (reindeer, etc.).  Shane loves to scoop and dump.  Meredith loves to sort (and sometimes hoard!) the different items.  Caleb loves to create all sorts of things...from "candy cane pie" to machines.

And..nothing to do with Christmas.  But, how sweet is this little girl?  I can't get enough of her. 


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