Saturday, December 8, 2012

Caleb's Christmas Program

Caleb had his school (home school co-op) Christmas program today.  His class sang Away in a Manger and The Night That Jesus Was Born.  They also recited a candy cane poem.  

 Waiting for the show to begin...

Caleb loved wearing his "dressy clothes".  After he had everything on, he said "I look just like Daddy!"
The kiddos all did a great job, and Ms. Melissa did a wonderful job getting them ready for the performance.

"The little Lord Jesus lay down his sweet head..."
"The stars in the sky look down where he lay..."
"The stars were shining overhead...on the night that Jesus was born."
"The shepherd heard the angels sing...on the night that Jesus was born."
Look at the candy cane, what do you see?
Stripes that are red like the blood shed for me.
White is for my Savior, sinless and pure.
"J" is for Jesus, my Lord - that's for sure!
Turn it around, and a staff you will see.
Jesus, my shepherd who died just for me.

Caleb with one of his favorite friends...

He got a music medal after the show - he was so proud!  And, he was really excited because it looks "treasurey" (like pirate treasure)!


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