Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas!

I've realized that in almost every family/kids picture that we take these days, at least one of the "big" kids is looking at Baby Norah.  While it would be nice for everyone to be looking at the camera, I love that they are still so enthralled with their baby sister!
Sadly, these were the "best" we could get of the 4 kiddos...

And, some solo shots...

This one was taken when Norah was just 2 days old.

The red sparkly "fancy" shoes were her favorite part of the outfit.  She may or may not have even slept in them one night recently...
Once again, Christmas this year came and went so quickly!  We spent the 23rd at my aunt's house with some extended family.  We hosted our family for Christmas Eve lunch before all going to church together.  We spent Christmas morning at our house (just us and the kids), and the rest of Christmas Day in Roscoe.  The Phillips family is in town this year, and that is always EXTRA great!

Auntie Kir & Evangeline holding Norah for the first time!
The big kiddos (Meredith, Caleb & Evangeline) made a "train" out of chairs...and how kind of them to let Grandma go for a ride!

Shane & the 2nd picture, he is leaning in for a hug. 

I wish I had gotten a picture of Shane & Zachary in their matching outfits, but Z napped most of the afternoon, and I didn't get a chance to take one.


So sweet.
Sleepy baby.
Evening silliness with Daddy...

Christmas Eve: presents from Nana & Papa and Auntie Heidi & Uncle Kimball...

Sweet blanket that Nana made...
Stockings: stuffed & ready for Christmas morning!

Christmas Morning...

Meredith wasn't too happy about having to stop for a pic...
...that's better!
How is it possible that my 1st baby looks so....UNbaby like?!

 Unfortunately, my camera battery died not long after we got to my parents' house for Christmas day...these are the only pictures I got from our time there. =(

Caleb got this scarf from Nana, and he loves it.  Apparently all 3 of the big cousins thought it would make a nice prop for the picture!
Stockings at Grandma and Grandpa's!


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