Friday, October 26, 2012

Unit Theme: Fall Harvest/Pumpkins

This week was spent learning about food that is typically harvested in the Fall, most specifically, pumpkins!

Pumpkin Books:

We didn't have too many pumpkin books this are the ones we read.

Pumpkins by Ann Burckhardt, Fall Pumpkins by Martha Rustad, The Prize Pumpkin by Stan & Jan Berenstein, The Pumpkin Patch Parable by Liz Curtis Higgins
Fall Fingerplay..."Pumpkin, Pumpkin":

Vegetable Exploration:

The kids examined and explored a variety of (real) Fall Harvest vegetables (acorn squash, corn, potatoes, onion, pumpkin, gourds...and an apple was thrown into the mix also).

We made sure to cook & eat all of the above items this weeks in one way or another (except the gourds).

They were so excited to shuck the corn.  They are now officially on-the-hook for that job anytime I make corn on the cob!
Checking out the different colors, textures, etc.
 They (mostly Caleb) had to match the vegetable word to the actual veggies.   I also printed off small cards that show how each type of veggie grows and we talked about that.  Those picture cards are also by the appropriate vegetable.

 Craft: Corn-on-the-Cob

 Popping Corn:

Final Product
The kids were amazed to watch the process of the corn kernels turning into popcorn.  

They are no strangers to popcorn, although we always use the microwaveable bags!  And I will admit that I have never even popped corn on the stove, so it was just as fun for me as it was for them. =)

I wish this wasn't can (sort of) see how excited they are to see the corn kernels start to pop.
 Enjoying their snack while watching a quick show before lunch.
Math...Pumpkin for Pattern Blocks:

I put together this pumpkin pattern for the kids to use with their pattern blocks.  They really liked it, so I think I will (try to) make a new one each week for them to use.

 Seed-to-Pumpkin Sequencing:

After reading Fall Pumpkins, the kids completed this very simple color, cut, and paste worksheet that I made to show the basic steps a pumpkin goes through from its tiny start as a seed.

Homemade Pumpkin Pie:

The kids helped me turn this pumpkin...

 ...into this pie!

Freshly whipped cream is a MUST. =)
Venn Diagram:  Compare & Contrast Apples/Pumpkins

I introduced the kiddos to a Venn Diagram.  They brainstormed ways that apples & pumpkins are the same (compare) and different (contrast).

Writing:  Adjectives

I taught Caleb the term "adjective' and then he came up with 4 adjectives to describe a pumpkin.

Pumpkins are big.  Pumpkins are fat.  Pumpkins are orange.  Pumpkins are round.

I printed off some (free) pumpkin printables from 1plus1plus1plusequals1.  I seriously love all of the FREE and available resources out there.  Those mommas have made life easier for me. =)

I also printed this off for Caleb to do.  While he got a little weary of finding all of the numbers toward the end, he ended up completing it and he was excited to see how it turned out!

Marlana has a handful of hundreds-charts designs over at Lil' Country Kindergarten, and Caleb and Meredith have already asked for more!

I had some painting projects planned for this week, but our downstairs has been taken over by a guy who is refinishing our wood floors.  And, I am not brave enough to have the kids paint upstairs with the carpet!

And of course, we went to the pumpkin patch as can see those pictures by scrolling down 2 posts, or just click here!


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