Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Things He Says: 22 Months

Shane has quite the vocabulary.  He talks pretty well, speaks in multiple word sentences, and we can usually understand what he says. =)  It's so fun to have conversations with our little "baby"!

I wanted to jot down a few of the fun/funny/cute things he says right now, lest the months and years go by and I forget this sweet time.

Silly Boy. =)  After he put these on, he was so proud, and wanted to show Caleb.
  • As an affirmative response to something, Shane will often say either: "Ummmmm, yes." or "Yeah, sure."
  • When the situation calls for it, he almost always says "thank you" without us prompting him.
  • When he is up for the day, we hear him saying "awake!" in his crib.
  • He can be a bit bossy at times....he often says "be quiet" when his roomies are a little bit loud when they are supposed to be sleeping (not that he is totally innocent in all the "fun"!).  And he will sometimes say "stop it" if someone is doing something he doesn't like.
  • He gets so proud of himself when he accomplishes something, and often exclaims "I did it!".  He also tells you "Look!" when he wants to show you what he accomplished.
  • He is very independent and will make sure you know that he will " do it self".
  • While he can say his siblings' names (or some form of them), he still calls them "brubru" (brother) and "sissy".
  • He is quick to tell someone that he is "sowwy" (sorry), even if he isn't the one at fault.  And it's always followed with a hug.
  • He loves garbage trucks, and calls them "gawbage twucks".  He also loves to tell you about how they "dump" garbage.
  • He enjoys mimicking things we do during school time, and likes to use our pointer to point at the calendar, or the hundreds chart and SHOUT numbers....usually, it sounds like this "3, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5!"  He also loves to yell out the months of the year with us when we sing them each day..he doesn't necessarily know all the months, let alone in the right order, but he can yell "OCTOBER" with the best of 'em!
  • He calls Kisses "Tisses".
  • He loves his special blankies....and calls them his "bankies".  Any other non-special blanket is just a "banket".
  • He loves to sing, and it's so fun to hear him put words of a song together.  He also tries hard to recite the Bible verses that the bigger kids work on each week.
  • The other day, he actually referred to himself as "Shaner Bug" which is what we all often call him.
  • He loves babies, and it's so cute to see him pointing out things in our home..."baby's crib," "baby's swing," "baby's toys," etc...
I could probably think of a ton more, and many of these are probably non-monumental to you....but to a momma, these little things are just the best!


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