Friday, October 19, 2012

32 Weeks: Our Baby & Her Kidneys

Less than 2 months to go!  I can't believe how quickly the weeks are passing.
It is difficult to capture good pictures of our girl.  She always seems to have her hands (and sometimes her feet!) over her face.  Here you can see most of her face.
For the past couple of months, my doctors have been monitoring our baby girl's kidneys, as it was discovered many weeks ago that both of them are dilated (filled with fluid).  They weren't overly concerned....while her kidneys were larger than normal, they weren't that far out of the typical range.

I had my latest ultrasound appointment today (with the u/s technician, not the doctor), and unfortunately, our little girl's kidneys have gotten larger.  The tech didn't give me too many details, and I'm actually confused about the measurements (sometimes they are in cm and other times in mm).  She didn't seem overly concerned, although she does want to see me back in another 4 weeks to check on her again.  She seems to think that the kidneys are both functioning well, despite the dilation.  The levels of amniotic fluid are normal, which is one indication that the kidneys are draining a sufficient amount.  There is no fluid around the kidneys, and none has been detected in the ureters, which is good.  But, how they can be "functioning properly" yet still very dilated is a mystery to me.

I will see my OB on Thursday, so hopefully I will get more information then.  And, since Thursday is a loooong way away (in my anxious mind), I will likely call the doctor on Monday to get some clarification, just to ease my mind a bit.

I imagine that if she was very concerned, they would have referred me to a specialist, but it's hard not to worry.  I love this little baby so much, and the thought of anything causing harm to her precious body is so sad...especially after the rough start that we had, and the danger that the large blood clot was to her in her earliest weeks.  There's nothing more disheartening than the idea that someone you love so much is not safe.

Other than that, everything with our little girl is going well.  She is growing well (larger than average, though likely will not be Caleb-sized!), always has a strong and steady heartbeat, and is extremely active.  No matter how many times I have had a baby in my stomach, feeling and seeing movement never ceases to amaze me.  I'm trying to spend time focusing on these things, but can't seem to get over the possibility of something being wrong.  Unfortunately, this type of thinking/feeling is not new to me during pregnancy.  Thankfully, I know that the Lord is in total control, and that He loves this little girl even more than I do.  While I cling to that promise in the "big picture", it's hard to remember in the little moments throughout my days.

Please pray for this little baby girl, that she would continue to grow, and that her kidneys would get smaller and start draining more efficiently.


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