Monday, October 1, 2012

Museum of Science & Industry

Today we headed downtown to visit the Museum of Science & Industry.  I'd only ever been there with 6th graders (on field trips when I was teaching) and the kiddos had never been there at all.  Our good friends, the Lewis ladies, came as well, which made the day extra special.  Here are some highlights from our day.  

**I was playing around a lot with different settings on my camera, as well as experimenting with a new lens, so please forgive any lighting/clarity issues in these pictures!**

The first exhibit we checked out was the large (and really old) train Zephyr...this was Caleb's favorite part.

seeing how the generator works

learning some history, via a holographic image
Everyone enjoyed Farm Tech...

operating a cow-milking robot
all 5 of the "big" kids
 The kids really loved the Idea Factory, which had tons of hands-on activities for them to do!

Shane loves Baby Paysen!

 And, we had to check out the Space Center...

 Mission Control

Chick was really cool to see all of the eggs, and the very newly hatched chicks.

And, more train sightings in the The Great Train Story...

 Meredith's favorite part of the day was this climbing wall.  I don't even remember which exhibit this was a part of...


Caleb & Cora were great climbers as well!

 And, some more (failed? funny?) attempts at getting a pic of all 5 of them....

Shane was really into Kalli's hair...
He loves her!
funny secret between those 3? =)


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