Thursday, August 2, 2012

Swim Lesson and More Swim Fun

The kiddos just finished up a 2-week swim class.  Caleb had already taken Level 1 ("Minnows") a few weeks ago and just today completed Level 2 ("Clown Fish").  For our park district, kids have to be 3 years old to take a class without a parent, which put Meredith oh-so-close, but not quite old enough, so both she and Shane took the Mom/Tot class with me.

I am so very proud of all my little fishies. 

Prior to these past couple of months, we have not spent much time in the pool.  When Caleb first started lessons about a month ago, he was afraid to even put his face in the water.  Now, he loves to go under to fetch rings, or to swim.  His words:  "Now I can swim under the water, but I still can't swim on top of the water."  He loves to jump in, swim around with the noodle, and dive for rings.  He still has a healthy fear of the deep end, but he is appropriately confident in other ways.  He has been so brave to try new things, and I couldn't be prouder of him.  

I didn't get too many pictures of Caleb's lessons, as I was preoccupied with participating in the Mom/Tot class.
 Meredith and Shane also did really well in the Mom/Tot class.  Shane was a bit clingy at times, but I think that is more of a result of his personality (I don't mind!) than it is a fear of the water.  Meredith is still hesitant to put her entire head under water, though she gets pretty close by putting her mouth/nose in.  She is just afraid to put her eyes under.  Understandable.  Both little ones love to jump into the water, splash and kick.  They loved playing Ring Around the Rosie with the class and singing songs with Ms. Samantha.  They both listened extremely well and always followed directions.  Again, proud Mommy here!

 Today, after lessons were over, Grandma met up with us (and brought lunch, thanks!) and we all played at the pool for a little while longer.  A couple of Caleb's preschool friends (Abby and Mya) were there, and he was just ecstatic to have some friends to play with.  

 And a couple of cute ones of Meredith...

Enjoying the sucker Ms. Samantha gave her after class.
Love her smile.
Shane was pretty tuckered out by the time lunch was over.  He spent much of our time there sitting on the chair eating raisins and pretzels while Brubba (Brother) and Sissy played in the pool.  But, he did manage to have a little bit of fun.  This is the only in-the-pool picture I got of him from today (other than swim lessons, obviously).

Did August just creep up on anyone else?  I can't believe that in a couple of weeks, summer as we know it will be coming to a close, and school will begin again.  It's been a really fun couple of months, and we have a few more fun things planned over these next weeks.....trying to pack it all in while it's still sunny and warm, and while our days can be carefree!


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