Monday, August 6, 2012

A Choo-Choo Kinda Day

 We live very close to the train station....about a 5 minute walk.  We hear the trains regularly, and often see them when we are out taking a walk or playing at the park.  When Daddy goes downtown for work, it is a treat for the kiddos to go to the station and wait for his train to come in.  Shane actually has been referring to the train as "Daddy's Train".

Like most kids, our 3 love the train!

Today we, along with our friends Tanya and Mikayla, took a little adventure.  We bought tickets, climbed aboard, and took the train two towns over (about 10 minutes).  Just across from the station there, we had lunch at 2Toots.  It was a lot of fun, and the kids loved it.

 Waiting for the train to come...

(Caleb is into doing "funny faces" for the camera these days.)

On the train...the kids loved having their tickets punched by the conductor.

Waiting for lunch...


 Lunch was served to us on this train. 

 The kids loved watching it go around the restaurant and thought it was really neat to have our food delivered this way.

 Yummy lunch!

The train delivers dessert, as well. =)

The kids' desserts came with train whistles on top!

 Throwing pennies (and playing with the water) in the fountain outside the restaurant...

 Heading home!

I asked the kiddos what their favorite parts were...Caleb said "My favorite part was eating ice cream and the food coming on the train and riding the train."  Meredith said "riding the train."


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