Sunday, August 19, 2012

23 Weeks - A Mango

I'm 23 weeks + 3 days.  Our little girl weighs about the same amount as a mango, though she is quite a bit longer!

Nothing too new to report on the pregnancy front.  Her movements are much more predictable now, and we can actually see her kicks, not just feel them.

I don't go back to the doctor for another week and a half, and I am quite eager to see if my weight gain has slowed (fingers crossed!).  I have officially stopped drinking Coke, so hopefully that is helping, at least a little bit!

I am very thankful for the cooler weather, which seems to be helping on the eczema front.  I wouldn't mind 10-15 degrees cooler still, but all in good time...=)

The weeks are actually going by very quickly.  In fact, I couldn't even remember how far along I was today, and had to check the app on my phone that tracks my progress.  We start school tomorrow (look for a 1st-day-of-school post tomorrow night!) and I know that from here on out, the weeks will fly by even faster!


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