Thursday, November 29, 2012

Unit Theme: 5 Senses

Fun with the 5 senses this week!

Theme Verse

Psalm 34:8 - Taste and see that the Lord is good.

My Senses Fingerplay/Song


 5 Senses Books
There are also a lot of great books out there for each of the senses individually, but we just stuck to general 5 senses books for our short week.

Senses on the Farm by Shelley Rotner; The Five Senses by Keith Faulker; My Five Senses by Aliki, Senses in the City by Shelley Rotner
Mr. Potato Head

How cute are these guys?  Original inspiration came from Pinterest.  Mr. Potato head is the perfect guy to help us learn about our 5 senses!

 It Feels...

I found 6 items around the house, all with different textures.  The kids had to explore the textures, glue them to the hands on the paper and then tell me a word that described what they felt like.  The 6 items I used were: pine needles from the Christmas tree, felt, sandpaper, cotton ball, sponge, and dots of glue that I put on there the night before so they would be dry enough to touch.

 Meredith described the pine needles as "pine cone prickly plant", the glue dots as "bumpy", the felt as "soft", the sandpaper as "hard", the cotton ball as "soft" and the sponge as "bumpy."

 Caleb described the pine needles as "prickly", the glue dots as "bumpy", the felt as "fluffy", the cotton ball as "soft", the sponge as "bouncy" and the sandpaper as feeling like "salty pretzels". =)

Online Activity: Sense of Hearing

 I came across this website where the kids could listen to different sounds, and then identify what they were.

My Apple

 After enjoying a snack, Caleb & Meredith described their apples...

Meredith's - I see a RED apple.  I hear a CRUNCHY apple.  I feel a WATERY apple.  I taste a YUMMY apple.  I smell a COLD apple.
Caleb's - I see a RED apple.  I hear a CRUNCHY apple.  I feel a wet apple.  I taste a YUMMY apple.  I smell a SOUR apple.
In the Kitchen: Tasting & Smelling

 We talked about how our tongue has taste buds...and that when we taste something, those taste buds send signals to our brain about what that food tastes like.  We also talked about which parts of our tongue have which types of taste buds.  The kids tasted 4 different foods and then had to identify which type of taste they were, then glue them to their tongue diagram.

bitter - lemon peel, sour - lemon, salty - pretzel, sweet - marshmallow

 After their taste tests, they put their noses to work to smell various spices.  We talked about the different smells.  They agreed that the cinnamon smells the best!

This week, we also took a trip to the Shedd Aquarium...that was the perfect place to test out our senses!

  We got to see, smell, touch, and hear all sorts of things at the aquarium - some familiar and some new to us.  We didn't actually taste anything while there....other than our lunch. =)  Scroll down to a previous post  to see more pictures from our visit there.


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