Thursday, November 15, 2012

36 Weeks & Kidneys Update

36 week comparison pics:

L-R: today, 36 weeks w/ Shane, 36 weeks w/ Meredith...(I didn't take any belly pics when I was pregnant w/ Caleb)
I had my 36 week check-up today.  Weight gain is good, blood pressure is great.  I had a NST as well (my doctor does them weekly, starting at 36 weeks).  Baby Girl was very active (she always is).  I assumed she might not be too active this morning, since I didn't have a chance to eat any breakfast before my appointment...I didn't even have my coffee!  My doctor actually asked me if I had eaten, and when I told her no, she let me know that baby was "angry" at me for not eating, and that is why she was so active. Not sure if there's any validity in that, but I took it very seriously and treated myself to some Dunkin' Donuts after the appointment.  =)  The NST also detected some contractions, although I haven't felt any as of yet.

I also had a pretty thorough ultrasound done to check on her kidneys and other stuff.  Unfortunately, both of her kidneys are still dilated (the renal pelvis just outside the kidneys is where the blockage is).  One of them was still 9.8, but unfortunately the other one was 10.1 mm (we were all really hoping they wouldn't get higher than 10).  Her bladder was full, which could account for the higher numbers.  The amount of amniotic fluid that the baby is creating is completely normal, which is good...low fluid is one of the most immediate concerns with kidneys that aren't draining properly.

While I was there, my OB actually called the maternal fetal specialist (high-risk doc) to talk to them to see if they think that any intervention is needed at this point (ie: early delivery).  They agreed with her that there's no need to do anything more at this point, other than continue to monitor our little girl.  They will for sure do an ultrasound on her kidneys after she is born, and it's been decided that I will need to deliver at one hospital over another (I typically can choose between 2) since that hospital has a Level III nursery (more equipment and experts to be able to care for her in the ways she will need).  

If, after delivery, there is still dilation in one or both of her kidneys, it's likely that she will need to be put on antibiotics (to prevent infections), and a very slim possibility that she would need surgery.

(I've come across this site, which explains what's going on in fairly basic terms. )

Other than the kidneys thing, she is doing wonderfully.  She is growing well....a bit bigger than average, weighing about 6 lbs, 13 ounces according to today's measurements.  She is active, has a very strong and steady heartbeat, and is adorable (in her Momma's opinion!).  My doctor commented that she looks just like my other "beautiful babies"....little nose, chubby cheeks.  She is head down, and pretty low...her head is already locked in my pelvis.

Less than 1 month until our sweet girl is due.  We are so excited!

Not the best image...but, you can see part of her profile...nose, lips, cheek.  Don't mind the "bump" above her nose...that's not part of her face. =)


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