Wednesday, November 21, 2012

37 Weeks

I can't believe it.  3 (ish) weeks to go.

Here's the comparison belly shots...L-R: 37 weeks today, 37 weeks with Shane, 37 weeks with Meredith (and a very cute & chubby-cheeked Caleb kissing my belly!)

NST today was non-eventful.  Baby was not nearly as active as last week, even though I actually ate breakfast this morning.  No contractions either.

No "progress" to speak of, which is kind of surprising to me.  I have felt so much pressure lately that I thought for sure there would be something...oh well, my body will get going when it and baby girl are ready, right?

My doctor actually suggested that I wear a pregnancy belt for the rest of this pregnancy, due to my low and very large belly.  It's causing lots of pressure and has resulted in an issue that I will for sure not be sharing on this blog!  Although, it seems silly to purchase such an item when we only have 3 weeks to, if anyone reading this happens to have one I could borrow for the next few weeks, let me know. ;)

Oh!  And, we finally decided on a name!  Obviously, we could easily change our minds over the next few weeks, but I really do think we are set.  I am so excited about the name we have chosen...we think it is beautiful and sweet and will be perfect for our little baby girl.  I can't wait to share it, but until she's born, it's a secret.  I know, I know...we are "those people". ;)

I will go back in another week again, and will likely have another kidney-check ultrasound.  Will update more the meantime, please continue to pray that her kidneys DRAIN!!


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