Friday, November 23, 2012

This Year's Tree

 We took our traditional trip to William's Tree Farm today.  

Looking are some pics from past years' visits to William's.

Didn't have anything from 2010, oops.
It was COLD today!

Bundled up.
We didn't spend too much time outside, but the kiddos did get a few minutes to run around.  I stayed in the barn and took pictures. =)


 Because it was really cold and windy, we actually didn't take the wagon out to cut down a tree, but instead settled on a tree that was freshly-picked-that-morning by the William's staff that was already inside the warm barn.  Here's Caleb "looking for birds" in our tree, as the guy was getting it ready to go for us.

Time to decorate!

This year's ornament picks:

Caleb picked a sparkly candy cane...

 Meredith picked a sparkly pink lollipop...

 Shane picked a police car ("peece car").  He broke the first one in the store, so this is peece car #2.  He was NOT happy that we had to hang it on the tree...he wanted to play with it.  Unfortunately, it is breakable, so it wasn't safe to let him play with it...poor buddy.

Final touch - the star!  (Don't mind the fact that the top of the tree doesn't have lights..we ran out, and plan to get some more tomorrow.)

We completed the evening with our traditional hot chocolate and The Very First Noel.  So excited for this Christmas season!


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