Thursday, November 29, 2012

38 Weeks

38 weeks comparison shots...

Left - Today; Top Right - 38 Weeks w/ Shane; Bottom Right - 38 Weeks w/ Meredith
My belly is definitely larger and rounder this time around.  Yikes.  Kris mentioned that in my 38 week picture with Shane, my belly looks a lot lower....he was actually born 1 day after that picture was taken.

I saw my doctor this morning....NST didn't pick up any contractions, though I am dilated to 1-2 cm.  No ultrasound, but my doctor does want to see me again on Monday.

My body definitely does not feel like it's going to have a baby any time soon.  I am feeling quite comfortable (more than I was weeks ago), and baby seems happy to hang out for a while longer.


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