Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Derby Car

All of the AWANA Sparks were given this pinewood derby kit...

...and were told to assemble it and be prepared to race it this week.

With help from Grandpa (and the tools in his "man-cave"), the boys created a pretty sweet little race car out of that boring block of pine.

After some sanding and some poly-coating, the car was looking pretty sweet, and was ready to be painted by a very excited 5-year-old.

Caleb wanted it to look like an American flag.  After explaining to him that 13 stripes and 50 stars would likely not all fit on his little car, he decided on this:

The kit came with sticker numbers, and Caleb wanted his car to be #100.  He had so much fun painting his car, and was so excited when it was finally assembled.

The "rule" is that the car, once completed, can't weigh more than 5 oz.  So Kris experimented with some things and ended up taping 2 silver dollars to the bottom of the car and managed to get it to exactly 5 ounces.

Ready, Set, Go!


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