Thursday, September 20, 2012

Royal Oaks

 Today, we took a field trip (do home schoolers call it that?) to Royal Oaks Orchard.  I wanted to make sure to go apple picking before all of the crop was picked over.  Because of crazy weather this year, some apple orchards (like Edward's, where we typically go) don't even have the option to pick-your-own. 

After filling up their bags...apparently, the sun was bugging Caleb a bit.
Our trip today lined up perfectly with school, as we are in the middle of our Apples unit!  The weather was perfect and the kids had a really great time.  We picked apples, played, ate lunch and then played some more.  Thanks to Grandma for joining us, and for some special treats as well. =)

There actually weren't a whole lot of picking options today.  But, the kids didn't seem to mind.  Only Caleb was really interested in actually picking.  Meredith was content to pick a couple and then just eat.  Shane liked finding ones on the ground, and emptying & refilling his bag.

Snack for the walk back to the barn.
It was cool to see these bees back in the barn, as we have been learning this week about how bees play a very important role in the growth and spread of apple trees!
 Thanks, Grandma, for the special carousel & train rides!  "Expectant mothers" are not allowed on either.  Seriously?

All 3 kids had great fun playing on all of the play structures they have there....a "pirate" ship, a train, a tractor, a fire engine, playhouses, etc.

Another huge highlight was this big "mountain" of hay bales.  They loved  climbing, jumping, and throwing the hay.  Mommy's hay allergy made this a less-than-ideal place to hang out, but the kids' joy outweighed the itchy skin and watery eyes.

 It was a great day!



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