Saturday, September 22, 2012

First Day of Fall

Happy 1st day of Fall!  To celebrate this wonderful (in my opinion) season, we made an apple pie this morning using apples we picked on Thursday at Royal Oaks.

**kids are all still in their mornings like this!**

We also finished up an apple craft that we started on Thursday:

  1. The kids painted 2 large apples that I cut out of construction paper (Meredith chose to make a green apple and Caleb chose red). 
  2. After they dried completely, I punched holes around the edges and the kids laced yarn through the holes to keep both sides together.
  3. Just before lacing up the entire apple, they stuffed some tissue paper inside their apple to make it "puffy".
  4. They finished lacing and we tied the yarn to close it.
  5. We stapled a stem and leaves, and looped a yarn through the top so we could hang them up (or wear them as necklaces, which Meredith suggested).
Happy Autumn to you!  


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