Monday, September 3, 2012

Backyard Camp-Out

 Last night, we spent the night at Grandma/Grandpa's house, and Caleb and Daddy slept in the a tent!  We have never actually been camping as a family (I'll admit that I am personally not a huge fan of this particular activity), so this was a big treat for Caleb.  He had been talking about this for days.

Caleb loved helping Daddy and Grandpa put the tent together.

 Meredith helped a bit, too.  But mostly, she just enjoyed being outside with all of us.

 Shane played in the dirt - digging and scooping and dumping, some of his favorite activities!

Caleb was so so eager to put all of his "stuff" into the tent (sleeping bags, blankets, his bag, the flashlight, etc.) and both big kids loved playing inside.

silly face
 We were all so excited for the sun to go down, so we could make a fire and roast marshmallows.  Although, the kids don't actually like the taste of roasted marshmallows....but they sure do love them unroasted.

 To help pass the time until sunset, Grandma helped Caleb and Meredith find some good sticks for their marshmallows.

Haha, I love this one!

My view from the deck as the sun was going down...

Time for some S'mores!

Caleb was eager to organize everyone's S'mores, though he had no desire to actually eat one himself.
So proud of the marshmallow she roasted all by herself!

Meredith ate a couple of bites, but still preferred the crackers, chocolate, and marshmallow separate.  Don't worry....Mommy didn't let any S'mores go uneaten, or any roasted marshmallow go to waste.
I've never seen Caleb so excited to go to bed. =)


 Caleb loved sleeping in the tent.  He slept really well and this morning, he told us all about the owl that he and Daddy listened to last night.  

Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa, for your wonderful hospitality - as always!


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